Cathy Fank

We have brought 23 students from theatre camp camp to campus, not necessarily as theater majors, but as students.”

For 16 years Professor and University Theatre Director Cathy Fank has been the driving force in UW-Superior theatre – helping to not only raise the program throughout the Twin Ports, but also provide the knowledge and skills graduates need to be successful throughout the country.

Originally from Iowa, Fank has been a part of professional theatre from Houston to Boston. The experiences she gained working with various companies and serving as artistic director have become the base for her teaching at UW-Superior.

“I had a lot of teachers who taught me about how to work in the professional theatre and had never done it, and I didn’t want to be that teacher,” she said. “I wanted to know what that world was like and how to compete in it.”

Fank is also able to pass on her knowledge through the UW-Superior Summer Theatre Camp. Having just completed its tenth year, the camps provide students in grades 6 through 12 with hands-on experience on and off the stage.

“I only take 26 kids because I want to make it a good experience for them,” she said. “It’s a great deal because I’m able to hire our current students as teachers for some of the classes, so it’s a win-win for our current students and the kids that come to the camp. I’ve got kids that have been there for seven years. To watch them grow up and watch them develop is awesome.”