Eunseok Lee

I got to get to know myself better by contributing my time and my energy to this campus and by being a part of this community”

When Eunseok Lee was getting ready to start his college career, he knew that he wanted to study abroad and it was a lucky coincidence that he saw Mark MacLean, Director of International Programs at UW-Superior, on Korean television. After doing some research about the UW-Superior campus, he knew that this school would be the right choice for him.

Eunseok remembers the first time he came to Superior as if it was yesterday. It was midnight when he arrived at the Duluth Airport and Mark McLean picked him up.

“The night view of Duluth and Lake Superior is unforgettable. I am from Jeju Island in Korea, which is a popular destination for tourists, especially for couples on their honeymoon. The Twin Ports area actually reminds me a lot of home with the big lake, the fresh air, the small town atmosphere and the tourists in the summer.”

After looking into the different programs that UW-Superior has to offer, Eunseok decided that a Communicating Arts major with a Business minor would be the best fit for him. While most of his business classes challenge his logical thinking and analytical skills, he credits his communication classes for a lot of the soft skills that help him succeed in his personal as well as his professional life.

“Most of the communication classes I took have had a great impact on my point of view,” said Eunseok. “I have learned so much, from persuasion to conflict resolution to interpersonal and organizational communication and all of it is applicable to my personal life, college and work.”

Eunseok’s favorite part about UW-Superior is the small campus that allows its students to meet new people, and engage with students, alumni and staff and faculty members. He appreciates that there are endless opportunities for those who are looking for ways to get involved and are eager to achieve more.

“I got to get to know myself better by contributing my time and my energy to this campus and by being a part of this community” said Eunseok, who works as an assistant hall manager on campus as well as a desk assistant at the Yellowjacket Union.

Along with what he learned in his communication and business classes, Eunseok hopes to be able to apply these customer service skills in his future career as a flight attendant. Ever since he was 12 years old, Eunseok dreamt of being able to travel around the world and provide a first class flight experience to his passengers.

“I always wanted to become a flight attendant – but if I had to choose again, I could see myself settling down in the Twin Ports and working in my field of studies,” he said.

Another perk of being a student at UW-Superior is the diverse campus community. Currently over 200 international students are enrolled at UW-Superior from over 40 different countries. This diversity along with his passion for travelling Eunseok said, has allowed him to visit many of his friends in their home countries and experience their unique cultures first hand. For this year’s winter break, Eunseok is planning a road trip through the United States, which will lead him almost 7,000 miles across the country and through 11 different states.

About his experience as an international student Eunseok said “my most valuable lesson learned here at UW-Superior is to never judge a book by its cover. We are a very diverse campus and learning to understand diversity helps to overcome stereotypes and acquire a multicultural perspective.”

Eunseok appreciates the welcoming atmosphere at UW-Superior and the many ways international students get to showcase their cultures and traditions.

“I have a lot of friends from different cultures with perspectives that are different from my own.” Said Eunseok, who is a member of the World Student Association (WSA) as well as the Korean International Students Active Discussion Organization (KISADO).

Over the last ten years, UW-Superior has hosted over 600 international students from more than 60 different countries, who chose to Be Superior. International students on this campus have a long history of high academic achievement, leadership and involvement on campus, athletic excellence and success in the job market.

We encourage international students from around the world to apply to become part of that history. Contact Admissions to learn more about the great opportunities available at UW-Superior.