Olivia Shalaby

I want to be involved with doing as much as possible to get as much experience as possible.

UW-Superior’s student-to-instructor ratio is 12:1, and sometimes, the class size is even smaller. This ratio was a large deciding factor when Olivia Shalaby was choosing which university to attend.

“I knew I wanted to be able to have contact with my instructors,” Olivia said. “Getting to know them has been great for feeling connected here. All of my Journalism instructors are very nice.”

Since Olivia was a child, knew she wanted to work in the Journalism field. Journalism is very important to her.

“Everyone in the world needs the news, and I want to do investigative journalism around the world, and I’ll fight to get my stories if I have to,” she said. “I want people to hear the truth, and I’m passionate about these stories.”

At UW-Superior, Olivia got hands-on experiences working as an assistant at KUWS, Wisconsin Public Radio, that’s housed in Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center.

“I want to be involved with doing as much as possible to get as much experience as possible,” she said. “I enjoy doing stories for the student newspaper as well. I think it’s great that we have these resources for opportunities in my field on campus.”

Studying at UW-Superior opened Olivia’s eyes to things she never thought about before coming here.

“Being so far away from home makes you really independent, and that has helped me build more personality,” Olivia said. “As far as looking at other cultures, I never even thought about studying another language or culture until I was here.”

As a part of the international student body, Olivia kept busy and involved herself in activities.

“I like to fill my time up, and being around the other international students has been great,” she said. “We’re like one big family, and it’s something we have and need being far away from home.”

As busy as she likes to be, Olivia made time to do new things with her friends outside of campus.

“I love Lake Superior. Swimming and travelling around the lake is a great thing to do with friends,” she said. “The beach is an awesome place to hang out. Sometimes you just need to get away and relax and the Twin Ports has so many places for that.”

If you’re interested in getting hands-on experience in your future career field, contact Admissions today to see what opportunities there are for you at UW-Superior.