Current Speech Comm/Online Learning Students

Welcome Students!

Below you will find various documents and forms that will provide information about policies and also aide you in advising.  Your advisor will refer you to these documents in the future and please notify them of any problems you encounter.  The goal is to connect you with campus in every way possible!

Plan and chart your progress!

Please fill out and save the following form prior to advising:

Comm Arts Advising Packet

Comm 475:  Internship

The following form provides directions for internships as well as the application:

Comm 475: Internship Application and Directions

Comm 491:  Capstone Experience

Planning on doing your Capstone?  Check out the description of the Capstone Experience:

Capstone Experience Description

Fill out the Capstone Experience Form to turn into the instructor you're working with:

Capstone Experience Form

Comm 498:  Research and Production

This course is typically done in the traditional Independent Study format.  If you've discussed the possibility of taking Comm 498 with your adviser and an instructor that will work with you, please fill out the following form and submit it to your instructor:

Comm 498: Contract Form