Theatre Facilities

Theatre Facilities

UW-Superior Theatre has multiple performance spaces and the capability to support many different styles of dramatic productions.  All of the rooms described below are located in the Holden Fine Arts Center, which is also home to the Music and Art departments.



Our main stage performance venue is a 237-seat proscenium theatre with an asymmetrical layout to both the audience seating and the stage itself.  A hydraulic orchestra pit can be raised/lowered for the productions and the main playing area is trapped.  In addition 32 counter weight line sets allow for flying scenic elements out of view; grid height is 60 feet.  The proscenium opening is 40 feet by 20 feet.  A lighting designer has access to 4 electrics on the main battens, several floor pockets, two catwalks and four cove positions, all of which make the Manion Theatre a very flexible venue for lighting designs.

Manion stage

Manion house seating 



This venue, also referred to as the Black Box, can seat over a hundred patrons and measures 33 feet by 50 feet.  This flexible space is used for rehearsals, as a classroom space, a venue for special student projects, and occasionally hosts our mainstage productions. 

Experimental Theatre  



Our modern scene shop is located directly between the two performance venues, with over-size doors that allow scenery to be built in the shop and then moved to the main stages.  A loading dock immediately adjoins the shop.  Besides a wide selection of standard power tools and cordless tools for wood working construction, the scene shop is also set up for welding, has a modern dust collection system and a hooded paint area.

Scene shop 



Our Green Room connects directly to the backstage of the Manion Theatre and also serves as a general meeting area for students throughout the year.

Green Room 



Our Costume Shop area also serves as the general storage area for all fabrics and previous costumes; it is outfitted with multiple sewing machines, sergers, and complete laundry facilities.  It connects directly to our Make-Up Room which can easily accommodate a couple of dozen actors at a single sitting.

Costume shop 



Our Design room is a work in progress, bringing the latest technology within reach of the students.  Presently it houses 5 computer stations loaded with VectorWorks design software (scenic & lighting) and Audition software for sound design work.  We're currently adding a 36" wide plotter to enable students and designers to realize their work in an oversize format.

Design room 



Our control booth for the Manion Theatre offers an unparalleled view of the stage for the Stage Manager and board operators.  6' tall windows allow a grandstand view of the playing area, including infrared monitoring of the stage; sound and light operators utilize modern computerized equipment to run the shows.

Control Booth