Scholarship Winners 2010

Scholarship Winners 2010


CN Junior Scholarship

Awarded to a junior with a Transportation and Logistics
Management major with an emphasis in rail study

Leonardo Guerson

Transportation and Logistics Founders' Scholarship

A scholarship awarded to a student in Transportation and

Chris Nye

G.W. Nicholson Scholarship

Awarded to an entering junior of merit who is pursuing a degree
in Transportation and Logistics Management. The student will have a minimum 2.3
GPA and is recommended by the chair of Transportation and Logistics Management.

Puja Bista

Dr. Emmet Davidson Award

Scholarship presented to a student in Transportation and
Logistics with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Zheng Li

Milwaukee Logistics Council Scholarship

Competitive scholarships are
awarded annually to students in accredited degree programs in Wisconsin
colleges and universities who are studying the field of Logistics.

Christopher Nye

Dilup Seneviratne