Certification and Licensure

Licensed Professional Counselor

Students completing at least a 60-hour master's program, with an emphasis in Community Counseling, and two years of supervised post-master's experience and successful completion of the National Counselor Exam are eligible to be licensed as professional counselors by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy or the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.  Students who are graduates from the M.S.E. Counseling program are currently eligible for this license. For more information, visit http://www.bbht.state.mn.us/.

Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Students may qualify to become a marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota.  Students must complete graduate academic work, supervised post degree experience, and pass the required national and state exams as outlined in Minnesota Rules 5300. The national examination may be taken as soon as the required academic work is completed. For more information, visit http://www.bmft.state.mn.us/.

Guidance Counselor State Certification

MINNESOTA Educational Requirements:
(Option 1) Hold a master's degree or the equivalent from a college or university that is regionally accredited AND Show verification of completing a Board of Teaching preparation program leading to the licensure of school counselors
Required Coursework: See link at bottom 
Experience Requirements: 400 hour practicum under the supervision of counselor educators from approved college guidance and counseling program
Examination: None 
Institution Recommendation Required?: No 
Certification: K-12
Reciprocity: No
Background Check: National and State fingerprint check

WISCONSIN Educational Requirements:

A master's degree from an approved school counseling and guidance program and the institutional endorsement.Experience Requirements: (1) Eligibility for a WI license to teach in the elementary/secondary schools and two years of successful teaching experience at the elementary/secondary school levels; OR OR (2) Completion of an approved one year full-time internship in school counseling; OR (3)  A minimum of two years of successful experience as a licensed school counselor in an assigned position of 1/2 time or more.
Examination: None
Institution Recommendation Required?: Yes, if do not have experience requirement completed at the time of hire
Certification: K -12
Reciprocity: No. In most cases WI license based on completion of a state approved program, not based on licensure in another state. However, IF you went to school in either Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma or South Dakota it will help if you have a license from that state because WI has an exchange agreement with those specific states
Background Check: Yes