About Us: Program Information

Class Presentation

"Effective lecturers combine the talents of scholar, writer, producer, comedian, showman, and teacher in ways that contribute to student learning."

Besides being offered in a variety of styles that contribute to effective student learning our classes are offered in with our students schedules in mind.  Most of our classes are offered from 4pm-7pm or 7pm-9pm on weeknights.  We also offer some weekend condensed and on line classes.  For a glance at our current schedule please visit our Class Schedule page.

Class Size

Our classes provide for an intimate learning environment with a class size of 10-15 students.  This allows for more individualized attention and flexibility regarding different instructional approaches and assignments.  This also enables students and professors to know each other better.

Length of Program

Most of our students complete our program in 2 ½-3 academic years.