About Us: Professional Organizations

What are the relevant professional organizations that potential students can join and what are the potential benefits to joining.

All graduate students in the Department of Counseling Professions are expected by the faculty and by ethical standards of the profession to participate in at least one professional organization related to their area of specialization. Student membership offers several advantages which may include:

  1. reduced membership fees
  2. professional liability insurance coverage
  3. journal subscriptions
  4. reduced conference fees
  5. enhance your career development

The primary suggested affiliation will vary by your program. It is strongly recommended that you join as a student affiliate of the national organization in your specialization area and possibly one or more related organizations either in your field of interest and/or your state organization affiliated with your national organization.

  1. American Counseling Association
  2. Minnesota Counseling Association
  3. Wisconsin Counseling Association
  4. American School Counselors Association
  5. Minnesota  School Counselors Association
  6. Wisconsin School Counselors Association