About Us: Program Reputation

"How lucky we are to have a dynamic accredited graduate program in this area. Good things really do come in small

packages!" (T.H.)

Our program focuses on providing students an education related to what the organizations' that they will work for need them to know, do, and believe in order to address current or anticipated challenges, and attain specific objectives.  Upon graduation our students have an excellent employment rate. 

The Department of Counseling Professions Community Counseling Program has established cooperative relationships with several community social service agencies in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Some of these agencies include:

  • Arrowhead Corrections Centers and Arrowhead Psychological Clinic
  • Center Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Douglas County Human Resource Center and Douglas County Jail
  • St Mary's Hospital/ Duluth Clinic
  • Human Development Center
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Program to Aid Victims of Sexual Assault
  • Twin Ports Veterans Hospital
  • Woodland Hills Treatment Center/School

The Department of Counseling Professions School Counseling program also has cooperative relationships with all regional school districts in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.