Wisconsin DPI requires Praxis II exam for School Guidance and Counseling (0420)

Posted on Jun 16, 2010


School Guidance and Counseling (0420)

The Praxis exam (Praxis II) is a requirement by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for anyone graduating from a Wisconsin School Counseling Program. This will be required if you are graduating after August 31, 2010.

The Praxis II exam (School Guidance Counselor-Test Code 0420) must need to be successfully completed before UW-Superior can endorse you for licensure (no matter what state you plan to apply for licenses).

Format Information:

  • Praxis II:  School Guidance and Counseling (0420)
  • Paper based format only
  • Offered seven times a testing year (September thru July). Check out www.ets.org for specific dates and times.
  • Two hours
  • 120 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 40 of which are listening to recorded client/counselor interactions


Number of Questions

Percent of Score

Counseling and Guidance









Professional Issues




When to take Praxis II:

The School Counselor Education program recommends that you wait to take the exam until you have completed all of the core courses and have practicum experience.  Take it before your Internship or in the first semester of it.

How to Register:

Go to www.ets.org
Under the heading Tests, click on PRAXIS
Under the heading "For Test Takers", click "Register for a Test"
You will be registering for the paper based PRAXIS II, click on "register online".
From there you will create a Log In as a New User or enter your existing Log In and Password if you are a returning User. Be sure to put UW-Superior as a school to receive your scores. (If you do not do this it will cost you $40 to have ETS send the scores to the school.)


Fees:  Annual Registration Fee (september thru July )  $50 
           Test Fee                                                               $80
           Late Registration Fee                                           $45
The registration deadline is typically a month before the testing date.


Scores are typically available 4 weeks after taking the test.  You can retrieve your scores two ways:

Online: Online scores are downloadable on the Score release date for 45 calendar days.

After 45 days, they will no longer be available and you will need to request additional score reports for a $40 fee (per request). UW-Superior needs scores sent from ETS, failure to put UW-Superior as a school to receive your scores will result in a $40 fee.

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