Allie Tacheny

Once I was here, I loved it.

Allie Tacheny runs a tight ship in her first grade classroom at Winterquist Elementary School in Esko, Minn., located just 16 miles away from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Students quickly line up to grab their books while excitedly reciting all 44 U.S. Presidents in order. 

Allie stayed in the area because she fell in love with UW-Superior and even decided to make Superior, Wis., her home before graduating. 

“Once I was here, I loved it.” she admitted. 

Allie’s mother was the one who insisted she tour the campus. Her mother’s intuition knew best because UW-Superior turned out to be a perfect fit for Allie.

“I really liked the size,” she said. “The campus felt so homey and inviting. I became involved right away because of it. I know this is cliché, but as a student, you have to become a part of the campus in more ways than one and be involved in whatever you can. It makes you cherish your time here even more, and the connections you make by doing so are priceless!” 

Allie was just as involved in her studies as she was outside of the classroom. She took advantage of UW-Superior’s highly regarded elementary education major to get the most real-world experience as possible. 

“The best part of being an elementary education major at UW-Superior is their internship program that’s in place instead of student teaching,” she said. “I was at one school for an entire semester, I was paid and I actually got to be the teacher.” 

Allie also got the chance to meet other teachers within the Superior School District. Since there are many elementary schools in the Superior area, students have access to multiple settings and environments to get hands-on teaching experience. 

All of this plus a spunky, outgoing attitude left Allie set up for success. Though, it took even longer for Allie to leave UW-Superior because she just wasn’t ready to go! After graduating in December 2012, she accepted a full-time position with the university. 

“I ended up working with Admissions and University Relations where I got to make even more incredible connections with the campus,” said Allie. 

Her time as a UW-Superior employee expanded her capabilities and skills even further, and finally leaving UW-Superior wasn’t an easy decision for her. 

“I loved working on this campus, but I missed teaching. In July 2014, I decided it was high time to get back in the classroom and put my degree to its best use,” said Allie. 

The first place Allie applied was at Winterquist Elementary. She was interviewed on a Friday and was given a job offer the following Monday. 

“It all happened so fast! To prepare, I talked to my old instructors about interview questions. I’m glad I got to have such personal relationships with them that I could just call them up and talk to them about my interview,” she says. 

Her new teaching position is another great fit, and like UW-Superior, Winterquist is the perfect size for her – small. 

“There’s a lot of community support and parent involvement. It makes such a difference in this environment,” Allie explained. 

With all of her experiences at UW-Superior, Allie was prepared for this very important job of teaching young minds, and she feels fortunate that she chose to Be Superior.

“UW-Superior really is a great place to be. If you want an updated, yet historical campus, come here. If you want to build meaningful relationships, come here. If you want to stand out, come here,” she says. 

Like Allie, you too can choose to Be Superior. Apply online or contact Admissions for more campus information.