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Future Teachers Association (FTA)

The Future Teachers Association is an organization for students interested in teaching. While most members are education majors, the group is open to all students who have an interest in teaching. FTA is led by an elected Executive Board of officers who lead the group's activities with input from all members. FTA sponsors a variety of professional development, volunteer, and social activities throughout the school year. Each spring, elections are held for any officer positions that will be vacant.

If you are a current UW-Superior student and would like to join FTA's mailing list, you can do so by emailing the Secretary (below). If you are interested in becoming an FTA officer, keep an eye out for signs and emails calling for nominations!

2013-2014 FTA Executive Board

Co-President: Ali Bergstrom
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Early Childhood Education
Student Teaching Semester: Spring 2016
Email: abergst4@uwsuper.edu
Why FTA? "I am involved in FTA because I have a strong desire to work with my peers and partners in the field of education to better myself and others as we strive to be life-long learners."

Co-President: Jessica Shold
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Special Education
Student Teaching Semester: Spring 2014
Email: jshold@uwsuper.edu
Why FTA? "I decided to get involved with FTA because this organization gives me opportunities to get to know and work along closer with the faculty and students in the teacher education program. FTA also gives future teachers hands-on experience, community involvement opportunities, and help and support with many different important TED topics."

Vice President:
Sarah Nestrud
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Early Childhood Education
Student Teaching Semester: Fall 2016
Email: snestrud@uwsuper.edu
Why FTA? "I want to be involved on campus and joining FTA seemed like the perfect fit for me as an Elementary Education major. I want to be part of a team that gets FTA back on the map by helping with events both around campus and in our community, as well as helping to organize activities for our own development as teachers. Through my actions I want to motivate and inspire my fellow teacher education students to do the same throughout their years in school."

Secretary: Tom Barbano
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Language Arts & First Nations Studies
Student Teaching Semester: Spring 2016
Email: tbarbano@uwsuper.edu
Why FTA? "Working as the Secretary of the Future Teachers Association is a great way for me to become involved in an on-campus organization, get to know and learn from experienced faculty in the Educational Leadership department, and expand my leadership skills. I am so excited to work with other students that are interested in the same field of study that I am, as well as volunteering at FTA events!"

Treasurer: Election will be held early in the Fall 2013 semester. If interested in running, contact FTA's Advisor!

Advisor: Olivia Seifert
Title: Advisor/Recruiter, Department of Educational Leadership
Email: oseifert@uwsuper.edu
Why FTA? "Advising FTA is a great way for me to get to know students in our Teacher Education program in a different setting. I hope to provide support that will help members of FTA develop valuable skills, gain beneficial experiences, and make lasting memories."

Ali Bergstrom Co-President 2013-2014 Web

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