UW-Superior's Master of Science in Education-Instuction degree program enables teachers and educational professionals to strengthen their teaching knowledge and practices in all 10 areas of the Wisconsin Standards for Teacher Preparation and Licensure.

Two Years Online | Two Summers on Campus

Students can complete the MSE-Instruction program with two years of online study and two summers of study on campus.

Online courses may be taken during any term (except TED 744 which is offered online fall semesters only) and must be started and completed in accordance with the UW-Superior semester and summer session dates. Students enrolling in on-line courses must have instructor permission to take the course. On-campus courses require campus attendance.

Core Course Offerings

This 30-credit program offers two options:

  • Strand A provides 21 credits in core courses, allowing nine elective credits in an area of concentration.
  • Strand B focuses 15 credits in core courses, allowing 15 elective credits in an area of specialization.

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Note: Students may take individual courses without being enrolled in the Masters' Program. Also, up to ten credits may be taken prior to enrolling in the program.

Elective Courses:

All elective credits must be approved by the student's academic advisor in order to be applied to the student's program.  Up to 10 credits of transfer coursework, UW-Superior Continuing Education coursework, or coursework completed prior to admission to the program may be acceptable.  UW-Superior graduate-level coursework is encouraged; consult the catalog for offerings.  Frequently taken courses include:

  • TED 607  The Middle School And Its Students (3 credits)
  • TED 663  Developing Literacy PreK-3  (3 credits; on-campus or online)
  • TED 664  Developing Literacy 4-12 Grade  (3 credits; on-campus or online)
  • TED 665  Literacy Processes in the Content Areas (3 credits; on-campus or online)
  • TED 711  Diagnostic and Remedial Mathematics (3 credits)
  • TED 740  Seminar in Supervision of Student Teachers and Interns (1 credit; online)

UW-Superior also offers graduate courses in Counseling, Education Administration, and Library Science, in addition to the content areas, which make excellent concentrations and specializations for teachers and school professionals.

Students may enroll in courses under Graduate Special status*.  Students wishing to complete the master's program may include only 10 credits of work completed prior to program admission, whether core or elective credit, into their program of study.  Admission to the Master's Program requires teacher certification, licensure, or eligibility for certification/licensure.

*Enrollment in research courses requires students to be admitted into a UW-Superior MSE graduate program.

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For further information please contact:

MSE-Instruction Program Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Griffith

Graduate Studies Office:  715-394-8295