The Educational Leadership Department no longer uses Chalk & Wire as their portfolio development program. If you are already using Chalk and Wire and still have a subscription, you may finish with that program. However, if you are beginning a new portfolio, use the following steps to begin creating a portfolio using the Career Services' free portfolio development program:

1.) Go to the university website and, in the A to Z index, locate 'Jacket Jobs (or click on the Jacket jobs logo on this page).

2.) In the right-hand margin, click on the yellow log-in box, "Student/Alumni".

3.) Enter your Username and Password

4.) Under the heading is a bar of different tabs. Click on "Additional Resources". In the drop-down menu, click on "Optimal".

5.) This will take you to a screen with several options that can be useful to you, including "Resume Builder", "Portfolio Builder", and "Interview Prep". IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THIS SITE, YOU MUST START FROM SCRATCH.

6.) Click on "Create New Account".

7.) Enter you UW-S e-mail, including the uwsuper.edu portion.

8.) Enter your Contact/Login information.

9.) Scroll to the bottom of that screen, read the terms and conditions, and click on the box next to "I have read and agree with all Terms & Conditions". Then click on "Create Profile".

10.) Enter "Education Information" and then scroll down and click "Save & Continue".

On the following page you can create and manage your new portfolio!