TED Program Admission

In addition to declaring an education major, students must work toward Teacher Education Program Admission. Program admission is required prior to enrolling in the majority of upper-level Teacher Education classes and for a number of scholarship opportunities. The admissions process helps to ensure that students have the foundation necessary to complete major coursework and engage in field experiences. Students are encouraged to begin working toward program admission early in their academic career.

Admission Requirements:

The most recent program admission requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Specific checklists, forms and deadlines are available in the Teacher Education Resource Center in Desire to Learn (Learn@UW-Superior / D2L) under CONTENT>Teacher Education Program Admission Information and Application. Students receive access to this course shell in TED 200. If you do not have access and believe you should, please contact Dr. Mary Churchill.

Admission Windows:

  • Apply by October 1 to take courses requiring program admission in spring semester.
  • Apply by March 1 to take courses requiring program admission in fall semester.
  • Apply by August 1 to take courses requiring program admission in fall semester understanding that course availability may be limited.

Still have questions?

Please contact your advisor or the Educational Leadership Department.