Eleni Pinnow

I feel really proud of working here and really proud of my students.

Eleni Pinnow is an associate professor of Psychology at UW-Superior. Her teaching interests include the psychology of language, biological psychology, sensation and perception.

She has served as faculty mentor for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship projects and also on campus committees involving liberal arts high-impact practices, academic service-learning, institutional review of research and others. She is also known for bringing her dog, Twyla, to campus to provide stress relief for students during Finals Week.

Why did you become a psychology professor?

"I had an amazing mentor as an undergraduate who was a psychology professor. I liked her, and we really connected. She was the first professor who really challenged me in a meaningful way, challenged me but supported me at the same time."

What's the difference between teaching Psych 101 and the advanced classes? Which do you like more?

"My goal in Psych 101 is to get them to think like psychologists and get them to realize they should be flexible in how they think and approach problems in the world. I like Intro to Psych because it's sort of the 'greatest hits' of psychology. A lot of new freshmen take this their first semester in college, and it's really gratifying to see them turn from high school students into college students."

What do like about working at UW-Superior?

"I feel really proud of working here and really proud of my students. Some are paying their own way, working one or two jobs full time, balancing parenthood with school or maybe struggling with other issues. I really like my students as people and as students. I like that they're not afraid of struggle. They're going to fight to learn things, which is awesome."