Erika LeMay

This campus community allows you to really step out of your comfort zone because you don’t fall between the cracks. You hold yourself to higher standards because of it."

There are some students at UW-Superior that learn early about the great benefit of being a part of a liberal arts college. Here, students are encouraged to mingle and explore different programs and disciplines to get the most out of their education. Erika LeMay took that opportunity and ran with it. 
“I’ve taken ceramics three times, I took painting, I took fibers and I got to individually design my own minor to take the biology classes I was interested in as a way to further understand people,” she said. “All of these areas have definitely shaped my education.” 
Even though Erika liked to explore mediums and get experience in other departments, she was still heavily involved in psychology. Erika’s major has provided her with opportunities to expand her love for social psychology and her social nature. 
“I ran the psychology student organizations for two years, and it brought so many ways to participate in the psychology world outside of campus,” Erika said. “I’ve presented research and gone to psychology conference where I’ve met so many cool people. I’m all about meeting new people.” 
The psychology major captivated Erika even further because it gave her a taste for each area within the field, so she could figure out her own path. 
“I would have missed out on a lot if I didn’t have the small classes and one-on-one contact like I did at UW-Superior,” she said. “I had someone with experience as a personal guide to help me through this new time in life. The psychology major allows for change, and that’s great because you can change so much while you’re in college.” 
Her experience within her major, completing research and doing independent study opened the doors for how she wanted to take on psychology in the real world. Erika found that her interest was with a more holistic approach – combining the environment with the community. 
“I’m really interested in the new subfields of psychology,” she said. “On a larger scale, I could work with non-profits to design a community that would be intuitively created using principles of the human nature. It’s awesome that I can be able to shape my education into whatever I may be passionate about. You can really combine psychology with so many other professions.” 
By branching out and being heard on campus, Erika was nominated by her advisor and chosen to be the class speaker at the 2016 commencement. It’s an honor that she still can’t believe. 
“It doesn’t seem real,” she said. “It just goes to show all that UW-Superior has given me because I’ve grown so much as a person. This campus community allows you to really step out of your comfort zone because you don’t fall between the cracks. You hold yourself to higher standards because of it.” 
After graduation, Erika will be combining her love for psychology with her love for the outdoors by obtaining a graduate certificate through Wolf Ridge for Environmental Education and Sustainability. Erika discovered this experience through UW-Superior’s campus job fair and has hopes of working in a wilderness therapy setting in the future. 
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