Genna Christian

UW-Superior’s environment is so inviting, and it makes everyone feel like one big family.

Time changes many things, but it didn’t change the love that Genna Christian had for UW-Superior. She began her career as a student in 2002, but decided to leave at the end of her freshman year. After a talk with a former instructor 10-years later, she was on the path to getting her degree once again.

“As a divorced, single mom, the decision to come back to UW-Superior and get my degree was to support me and my child,” Genna said. “The First Nations Center Director and the Multicultural Student Services Coordinator were there for me during this transition and they’re still there for me.”

Putting her education back on track, Genna wasn’t wasting any time and declared a Social Work major her first semester - at UW-Superior.

“Talking with faculty and advisors, I knew the human services field was right for me,” she said. “I wanted to help others who had been in the same sort of situation that I was in. I had been there, and I knew I could offer them the understanding they need.”

While Genna wants to dedicate her life to helping others, she believes that her success is thanks in part to the programs available to her at UW-Superior.

“There is no way I would have come this far without the William 'Pope' Wright Jr. Student Center, First Nations Center and the supportive faculty,” said Genna. “Help on campus has always been available, and everyone I have met has wanted to help.”

Genna was also a tutor in the Math Lab because she wanted to give back to the campus and get involved with other students. She says she loves interacting with the different generations.

“Younger students can help me out with understanding social problems, and I can give them advice on adulthood,” she said. “UW-Superior’s environment is so inviting, and it makes everyone feel like one big family.”

Genna has been happy during all her years here, and it’s been a long time. Genna has grown alongside UW-Superior. She was interacting with campus programs since she was in high school.

“I’ve always been a proud Yellowjacket,” she said. “I’ve been connected to this campus since I was an Upward Bound student. I wanted to make it official – to be an alumna of UW-Superior.”

Genna is excited to get into the field and start her career in social work. She’s also thought about going to graduate school after spending some time making a difference.

The First Nations Center seeks to promote an understanding and awareness of Indian people. If you’re interested in learning more about how they can help you connect at UW-Superior, contact the First Nations Center today.