Greg Pitts

I liked the family atmosphere on campus - I noticed that right away."

Growing up in Chicago, Gregg Pitts didn’t know anything about UW-Superior. But thanks to an online video, UW-Superior knew a lot about him.

“My senior year of high school I got recruited by [former baseball coach] Nick Bursik and [assistant baseball coach] Shaun Marshall,” he said. “They saw videos of me online and were interested.They even met with my parents, visited my house twice, and that’s when I made the decision to come to UW-Superior.”

Once on campus, the same personal attention he had received from the Yellowjacket coaches extended throughout the campus.

“I noticed that everybody was pretty nice, cool with everybody else,” said Pitts. “I liked the family atmosphere on campus – I noticed that right away. Coming from Chicago, I was kind of taken aback by people saying ‘hello.’ Right away I thought they must want something from me, but it was just genuine. They were just being nice and that was something I needed to get used to.”

As a junior majoring in Legal Studies with a minor in Spanish, Pitts has indeed gotten used to the friendly atmosphere at UW-Superior. He’s also made many connections that have helped him succeed academically.

“[Professor] Dr. Maria Cuzzo – she is just an amazing teacher,” said Pitts. “She made me want to come to class every day, made me want to become a better student, a better person and really furthered my interest in the law and my future career goals.”