Katie Wilke

Once I visited UW-Superior, I felt like I was already at home.
To many students who choose to Be Superior, the small campus stands out. Why? So they can stand out and build close relationships. Katie Wilke wanted to build a bond with her professors and know that guidance would always be there for her. Because growing up, Katie never thought she would even go to college. 

“Growing up, I had a rocky home life. I started counseling in high school and that changed my course and put me on the right path to college,” said Katie. “When it came to choosing where to go, UW-Superior wanted to recruit me for softball. Once I visited, I felt like I was already at home.” 

After the help she was given in high school, Katie was inspired to do the same for others, and she gained her start to counseling through the Social Work program. 

“Through UW-Superior, I grew even more as a person,” she said. “My classes and instructors solidified my career choice to help others. I knew social work was right for me, and I could change lives as well.”

An instructor saw Katie’s passion and pointed her toward the McNair Scholars Program to give her the support she needed to guide her through the process of applying to grad school. 

“The program and its mission resonated with me, and with not doing research yet, the research opportunity that McNair presented were perfect for me,” she said. “Working closer with these mentors made me realize that I should never give up. What I had gone through would only lead to me being successful.” 

Katie will be attending UW-Madison to get her master’s in clinical social work. Katie’s goal is to get a Ph.D. after working in the field doing one-on-one therapy with children for a few years. She might have had a rocky start, but Katie’s moving on to a very bright future. She’s excited to see what’s in store for her. 

“By being a part of McNair, I’ve gained so many opportunities. I was accepted by every grad school that I applied to,” said Katie. “The program changed the course of my college career, and I’m thankful for the people who have helped me at this university. I’m so glad I chose UW-Superior.” 

The McNair Scholars Program works with low-income, minority and first generation undergraduate students, encouraging them to consider careers in college teaching and to prepare them for doctoral study. Contact the McNair Scholars Program to get more information about how they can help you attain your goal of going to graduate school.