Patricia Hovi

Superior is home, and for me, UW­-Superior is the only university I would be so proud to get a Legal Studies bachelor’s degree from.

At the age of 64, Patricia Hovi, was inspired to continue her education after encountering an 83­-year-­old who was still working and inspecting houses.

“I said to myself, ‘If he can still inspect houses, then I can be a mediator,’” said Pat. “With my years of experience, I understand what a tough time divorce can be, and I want to help others save some money and make the transition easier.”

With the motivation to turn an Associate degree to a bachelor’s with a mediation certificate to do more, Pat’s dreams became reality thanks to the Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC).

“The VNSC got me enrolled very short notice ­ just 10 days after my Vietnam Veteran’s funeral,” she said. “That’s unheard of, and I thank them every day for that.”

Now a Legal Studies major, Pat is learning that her classes are very active and hands on. Even though she may be older than the traditional college student, she is just as involved in her coursework.

“It’s great to be able to participate and get my mind and body moving. I’m in a fantastic program with fantastic instructors,” she said. “When I get in my career and help people through what will be a very important time in their life, I’ll use what I’ve learned from Dr. Maria Cuzzo. In Family Law mediation, children come before everything.”

She says others treat her at UW­-Superior as just another student. She has always found help and is included by anyone and everyone.

“People get a charge out of my get up and go,” she laughed. “But especially younger students have helped me so much with technology and foreign students in getting used to other cultures. The campus is just friendly and courteous and helpful.”

Pat celebrates this big change in her life and makes the most of it in honor the Title 35 widow benefits that allowed to come to UW-­Superior and get a further degree in Legal Studies.

“I came to UW-­Superior in the spirit of using the benefits my late husband earned to give back to others.”

Pat believes that everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason why even though she’s lived in many portions of the United States – from Anchorage to Reno to Cheyenne– there’s no other place she’d rather be.

“Superior is home, and for me, UW­-Superior is the only university I would be so proud to get a Legal Studies bachelor’s degree from.”

The VNSC is a place where nontraditional students and veteran students can get connected, get answers to questions and get help from peers to make the most of their educational journey. If you have questions about becoming a nontraditional student like Patricia, you can find more information with the VNSC or Admissions.