Social Work Scholarships

Each spring in late March (approximately), the Social Work Program is notifies about the amount of scholarship money specifically available to social work majors. An announcement is sent out to all the social work classes to let them know what time frame for the award process is and informing students on how to apply.

The criteria for being chosen are that the student must have been formally admitted to the Social Work Program, must have a GPA of at least 3.0, and must demonstrate a level of need on her/his application form. Faculty then meets together and makes decisions about to whom and in what amounts awards recommendations will be made.

The St. Vincent de Paul Award is made specifically to a social work junior or senior who has been formally admitted to the major. This award is made on the following criteria:

  1. Service to the Community
  2. Service to the University
  3. Service to the Social Work Program
  4. Grade Point Average