About the Social Work Program

The Social Work Program is an invigorating program which prepares students to work in the region as social workers. Our focus on one-on-one professional mentoring, active learning, and meaningful connections with the regional community has supported many students in becoming social workers.

Our Mission

"To teach students the generalist skills and knowledge needed to be responsible and ethical change agents who empower clients/consumers across diverse populations with a local, regional, and global consciousness focusing on social justice, self-awareness and lifelong learning."

Program Goals

1 - Generalist Preparation: To prepare students for entry‐level ecologically‐based generalist practice at all levels of intervention (individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities), utilizing a liberal education foundation.

2 - Diversity: To prepare students for inclusive practice with diverse, underrepresented and vulnerable groups in society throughout a variety of local, regional & global human service settings, particularly empowering practice with American Indian people, elderly persons, veterans, and persons with differing abilities.

3 - Ethics: To prepare students for ethical and principled decision‐making guided by the values and standards of the social work profession.

4 - Social Justice: To prepare students to recognize and apply social justice principles in practice situations.

5 - Professional Development: To prepare students for lifelong learning, to maintain competence and stay current with best practice.

6 - Service: To engage students in social justice and change through generalist social work activities with local, regional and international communities.

Respecting and celebrating diversity is an inherent part of the mission of the UW-Superior Social Work Program and is a central theme of service when social workers are working in the community.

In promoting the dignity, worth and empowerment of the individual client, while working to improve and sustain the social environment, our program seeks to strengthen students' interest in, respect for, and skills in working effectively with diverse and vulnerable populations.

Our program also seeks to sensitize and prepare students to help service systems toward constructive change when relating to diverse populations.


The Social Work Program, in order to keep pace with the changing social work landscape and Council on Social Work Education requirements, completes an annual evaluation. We are very pleased with our student progress and achievement. Please see the information in the attached report for our assessment of social work competencies and practice behaviors. We use assessment results to revise our program and provide significant learning opportunities to prepare students for professional social work practice.

UW-Superior Social Work Field Manual

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in the Social Work Field Internship and Core Courses

EPAS Assessment Chart Form AS-4(B) 2020-2021

If you have questions, please contact Maureen Rappley-Larson