Article IV – Meetings

Article IV – Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held at least twice each month during the regular academic year. Attendance is open to all interested persons. Attendance of 1 officer and any other member of the organization constitute a quorum.


Section 2. Notice of Meetings

The time and place of meetings shall be posted in the Social Work Student Lounge and outside the Social Work Office at least 48 hours in advance, and will also be announced in Social Work classes whenever possible.


Section 3. Special Meetings

Special meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Executive Board, and the time and place shall be posted 24 hours in advance in the Social Work Student Lounge and outside the Social Work Office.


Section 4. Voting

For all voting, unless otherwise specified in this constitution, a simple majority vote is required. In the event of a tie, the officer officiating at the meeting shall vote. In the event that he or she abstains, the motion is defeated.


Section 5. Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary authority shall be Robert's Rules of Order which will be followed at every [legal business] meeting


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Article IV – Meetings
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