Article I – Membership

Article I – Membership

Section 1. Active Membership

No dues are required. Membership [is demonstrated] by participation in S.W.S.A. meetings, Student Advisory Committee or special events. S.W.S.A. shall be conducted without discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, ethnic or nation origin, age, political orientation, sex or sexual orientation, arrest or conviction record in any aspect whatever of S.W.S.A. organization and implementation.


Section 2. Honorary Membership

Honorary members shall include those who express special interest in the organization. There shall be no discrimination as described in Section 1.


Section 3. Dismissal [Of Officers]

Any officer showing disinterest in the organization by non-attendance and failure to provide a substitute on two or more occasions may be dismissed from office upon a vote of 3/4 of the members present at a legally called meeting.


Section 4. Advisor(s)

An advisor form the social work faculty will be offered to the S.W.S.A., depending upon faculty interest and availability. S.W.S.A. may then vote whether to accept that advisor/s through a majority vote of the members. Additional advisors may be chose form Agency Field Instructors by a majority vote of the members.


Article I – Membership
Article II – Officers
Article III – Executive Board
Article IV – Meetings
Article V – Student Advisory Committee (SWSAC)
Article VI – Amendments
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