Article II – Officers

Article II – Officers

Section 1. Duties

President: The president shall reside at all regular and special meetings. The president shall carry out decisions of the Executive Board and assume general responsibility for the organization. The president shall have the power and authority to appoint such additional special committees or committee leadership as necessary.


Vice President: The vice president shall preside at the regular and special meetings at the request of or during the absence of the president. The vice president shall be responsible for posting the time and place of all meetings. The vice president shall chair the Program Committee for special events.


Secretary: The secretary shall record the proceedings of [the] meetings, keep all reports, and be responsible for the official correspondence of S.W.S.A. [In the absence of the secretary, another member shall be asked to serve as "acting secretary" in advance, by the elected secretary, OR by the officer presiding over the meeting in question.]


Treasurer: The treasurer shall be responsible for the handling of funds and maintaining appropriate records.


SWSA Website Facilitator: The facilitator will learn the basics of website software in order to manage the site.  The facilitator will update the site on a weekly basis, including editing and posting of announcements, community events and organizational events, volunteer opportunities, meeting minutes and other items as requested. The facilitator will maintain communication with the other officers and faculty/staff to assure the accuracy of postings.


Section 2. Qualification

Any active member of the organization shall be eligible for nomination to office.


Section 3. Nominations

Nominations for the election of officers or SAC member shall be accepted: from the flppr during the last meeting before the spring election or the fall Meeting of The Major; OR as a write-in on the ballot. In the event of a write-in winner, the Advisor or election judge shall contact the person in question to determine if he or she is willing and able to serve before announcing the results of the election.

Section 4. Election of Offices

Election of officers shall be as follows: The President and Treasurer, along with six members of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) will be elected in a general election held in May. The Vice-President and Secretary, along with the remaining three members of SAC shall be elected at the annual Meeting of the Major held by the SAC and the Program in the fall semester of each academic year.


Section 5. Terms of Office

Officers shall be elected for one year, taking office immediately after election. Officers are limited to holding one office per year and two terms of office. Outgoing officers are responsible for turning over all pertinent materials to the incoming officers, and [providing] orientation to the office.

Section 6. S.W.S.A. Officer Vacancies and Mid-Year S.W.S.A.C. Vacancies

In the event that an elected officer resigns, a special election will be held at the next scheduled meeting, with nominations being made from the floor. In the case of the president's resignation, the vice president will assume the duties until the next election. If vacancies occur mid-year in SAC, they are to be filled at an election during a regularly held SWSA meeting or election, with nominations being made from the floor.


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