SWSAC Bylaws

SWSAC Bylaws


The Social Work Student Advisory Committee (SWSAC) provides the social work student representation in all matters pertinent to the UW-S Social Work Program. SWSAC's primary concerns and activities will have their focus in the following areas:

  1. Social Work Program curricula.
  2. Student grievances.
  3. Support of the Social Work Student Association (SWSA) and its activities.
  4. University-wide issues that directly affect students in the Social Work Program.
  5. Other issues that students of the Social Work Program deem appropriate.

SWSAC will hear discussion and proposals about those five areas by committee members or other students involved in the UW-S Social Work Program. Then, the committed will decide on a course of action in regard to a particular proposal. This decision will be recorded in the minutes, and SWSAC members will be responsible for implementation of each adopted proposal.

The committee will also make its existence known to all students in the program. Accessibility and responsiveness to social work students' needs, opinions, and ideas will always be the core priorities of this group.


  1. The committee will consist of nice elected students. Junior and senior members must have been formally accepted into the UW-S Social Work Program. Sophomores must have declared the Social Work major.
  2. SWSAC will appoint one of its members and an alternate to serves as student representatives to: Social Work Student Association meetings, social work faculty meetings, community advisory committee meetings, and faculty search and screen committee meetings.
  3. The SWSAC committee will elect one member as Chairperson.
  4. The Chairperson will prepare an agenda which will be presented to members at each meeting.
  5. The Chairperson in consultation with the Social Work faculty advisor will have the responsibility to schedule meetings once or twice a month throughout the year, at times which are convenient for all members.
  6. The Chairperson will be the keeper of the minutes and turn them over to the succeeding Chairperson. These minutes will also be posted in the Social Work student lounge/SWSA website.
  7. The SWSAC members will rotate the responsibilities of leading the meeting and acting as Committee Recorder. The Recorder will take minutes at each meeting and present a legible copy at the following meeting for content review and SWSAC approval.
  8. The committee will hold meetings once or twice a month and duly publicize those meetings. All SWSAC meeting will be open to all students involved in the Social Work Program. All SWSAC members will be expected to attend those meetings unless they have complications. If complications occur, each member is responsible for reporting this to other committee members.
  9. Committee members will serve for one year, with activity in the summer semester being optional.
  10. By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the committee (6 votes).



  1. Graduating SWSAC members and the faculty advisor will act as an election board responsible for election procedures, ballot distribution and totaling results.
  2. Candidates for election to the committee will be self-nominated, with the election board responsible for collecting said nominations.
  3. Six SAC members, along with the SWSAC President, Treasurer, and Website Facilitator are elected in an election held three to five weeks preceding the end of the second semester. The remaining three members are elected at the Meeting of the Major held in September. All members take office upon election.
  4. SAC will organize itself for the year after all 9 members are elected.



  1. The committee can conduct business when four members are present.
  2. Decisions for SWSAC action or proposition on any given issue will be made by consensus. However, upon request of two committee members SWSAC will hold a vote to decide any issue or action. In the event of a tie, the acting chairperson will cast the deciding vote. If the acting chairperson abstains, the proposal is defeated.
  3. The faculty advisor will not be a voting member of the SWSAC.



The Social Work Student Advisory Committee has the authority to informally mediate grievances between students. In all other matters, SWSAC will support students in navigating through the Department of Human Behavior and Diversity grievance policies and procedures noted earlier in this Handbook. At a student's or students' request, a SAC member or members may accompany that student(s) to any grievance meetings.



The committee will conduct business in relation to the first four areas of concern in the purpose section of this document. SWSAC's activities will include the fifth area of concern only if the following events occur:

  1. SWSAC calls for a student referendum requesting SWSAC action on a particular issue.
  2. Students, declared as social work majors, by a majority vote, request SWSAC investigation and subsequent action.


Revised 12/94

Revised 12/00

Revised 5/06


Article I – Membership
Article II – Officers
Article III – Executive Board
Article IV – Meetings
Article V – Student Advisory Committee (SWSAC)
Article VI – Amendments
SWSAC Bylaws