HHP 102 Lab

HHP 102 Health and Wellness Lab


Aerobics 1 Aerobics 2 Aerobics 3

HHP 102 Aerobics lab is structured to provide each participating student with four of the five physical fitness components:  Flexibility, Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, and Cardiovascular Endurance.  Participation in the lab will enhance the student's level of physical well-being and promote a greater awareness of their individual level of fitness. 

Students will be required to participate in various styles of step aerobics, floor aerobics, and muscle conditioning and toning.  Heart rates will be monitored by the students.  Appropriate dress:  Running shoes are a MUST, shorts, sweatpants, T-shirts or warm-ups are required. 

Disability-Related Reasonable Accommodations can be made.  Please see the instructor to make arrangements to adapt activities and assignments as needed to provide equitable participation.