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Exercise science major interns in London

Posted on Aug 14, 2014
Learn how exercise science major and hockey player Kerry Mayhew wound up in London this summer.
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Kerry Mayhew combined her competitive spirit with a drive to help others improve their fitness in her London internship.

Kerry Mayhew combined her competitive spirit with a drive to help others improve their fitness in her London internship.

In a few short months, Kerry Mayhew wrapped up her college hockey career, finished her finals and donned a cap and gown to graduate from UW-Superior.

Soon after, Mayhew was riding the London subway to her internship with a corporate fitness and consulting firm.

Opportunity knocks

An internship in London is not the usual way to cap a college career, but Kerry Mayhew's drive and can-do attitude set her up well for the opportunity. "I'm such an athlete and competitor at heart, that's what fuels me," she says.

Mayhew interned in London thanks to a connection of Bill Simpson, a professor in her exercise science program. "Chris Andrews, the CEO of Personal Touch Fitness, was a student of Dr. Simpson and she said she was interested in getting interns," Mayhew said.

In her internship, she advised gym users on proper technique to get the most out of their exercise. She also got to see up close how the company serves its market niche -- consulting with companies on fitness programs and providing fitness and wellness services.

Mayhew, a Division I hockey recruit, grew up in Littleton, Colo. with a brother who also played the game. "We were always at the rink for my brother, so that made me want to play," she says.

Mayhew spent her freshman year at the University of Maine but found that it wasn't a good fit, so she transferred to UW-Superior. "Transferring was hard," she admitted. "I got to know so many people at my first school."

But she found some things to be familiar, including UW-Superior's emphasis on academics for its students athletes. "My parents always said if you don't do well in school you can't play your sport," said Mayhew, who was named a WIAC Scholar Athlete in both the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons while putting up impressive offensive numbers.

A better understanding

At UW-Superior, Mayhew also gained clarity about her career goals. She sees herself eventually working as a strength trainer or coach, either with a group of athletes or a team.

"I came to a better understanding of myself," she said. "I'm such a competitor so I just want to see athletes and people in general progress with fitness."

Follow this Exercise Science Major link to learn more about Mayhew's program.

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