Brendan Willis

My experience as a student was phenomenal. The small class sizes provided a sense of importance, and the professors were top notch."

When it comes to college careers, some would say Brendan Willis hit a home run. The Canada-born Brendan was a four-year member of the Yellowjacket baseball team, and after graduating from UW-Superior with his degree in Exercise Science, went on to earn his master's degree. Now he has a career he loves. Brendan has a long list of accomplishments that all began at UW-Superior.

"My experience as a student was phenomenal," said Brendan. "The small class sizes provided a sense of importance, and the professors were top notch."

For some, the task of balancing academic responsibilities with college sports can seem like a daunting task. Yet for Brendan, the experience was more than worth the extra work.

"As an athlete, I have made memories that will last forever," Brendan said. "The entire athletic department was tight knit, and the support from all other teams was great. I have learned many important things from playing collegiate sports at UW-Superior including dedication, discipline and professionalism."

On campus, Brendan even made the time to take part in other activities such as club hockey and writing for the UW-Superior newspaper, The Stinger. He also managed to take part in the many activities found just off campus such as golf and playing outdoor hockey at the dozens of rinks within the City of Superior.

The abundant list of both on- and off-campus activities available to UW-Superior students did not distract Brendan from his academic goals.

"I was attracted to the Exercise Science program because the facilities were incredible, the faculty was extremely knowledgeable and the classes were of great interest," he said. "My experience helped me gain a vast understanding of the human body, which has directly transferred to my job as a Strength and Conditioning coach today. Every one of the teachers knew me well, which helped make the experience extremely comforting and rewarding."

The knowledge he learned in UW-Superior's Exercise Science program helped prepare Brendan to continue his education – earning a master's degree.

"The program gave me the knowledge to ease right into graduate school classes, while it helped me as I applied it to the human body with many of our athletes," he said.

Today, Brendan works at Impact Sports Training in Duluth, Minn., as a Strength and Conditioning coach aiding middle and high school, collegiate and professional athletes. He has recently received his CrossFit Level 2 certification.

"The most enjoyable part of my current job is working with a wide array of clients ranging from elementary school children to 70-year-old grandparents," he says. "Being able to connect with these different populations on a daily basis helps keep my job exciting and challenging."

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