Doug Kempen

We all have obstacles in life, but UW-Superior is so helpful. With the support of this campus, you can accomplish anything.

Nostalgia and recalling fondly back to a time that brought positivity is a feeling that most people don’t ever forget. Remembering all of the great opportunities UW-Superior gave him and wanting a professional career is what brought Doug Kempen back to campus after 15 years. Life happens, and Doug had left campus after his freshman year. 

“The choice was easy because returning was the right decision. I thought about what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to teach kids. The physical education major is phenomenal here, so you could say I was dead-set on UW-Superior,” explained Doug. 
By nontraditional standards, he’s the average student. At 35 with two kids, he wanted what was best for his family. He has full support from them, and that means a lot to Doug. 
“My family really helped me make that decision to get back into school and do something I really loved. I just needed that extra push,” he said. 
Coming back to UUW-Superiorr was everything Doug had remembered and then some. 
“The university has kept the same tradition of a small campus where everyone is involved one way or another, and I really admire that,” he said. “Though, it’s also so different now. There is so much more here. The modern facilities, the classes, the student involvement and the instructors are awesome. I didn’t think all of this could be possible on a campus this size, but UW-Superior blows that stereotype right out of the water!” 
Being a nontraditional student did worry Doug a bit. He was afraid having classes with generations younger than him might be a bit awkward, but at UW-Superior, there are no stigmas. Doug fits right in.
“I have lots of students in my class that I’ve connected with,” he said. “Everyone here is so warm and welcome. Students and faculty alike. I’m even happier with all of my instructors – how they treat me and how they teach their classes. Dr. Jay Johnson breaks everything down into small pieces, so everything is easier to understand for all levels of learners.” 
Doug has years of experience doing various jobs, but he’s discovered as much or more in his short time back on campus. Doug has learned that even though the best things take time, the end goal is what is worth giving your hardest effort into achieving. 
“Make sure you put your best foot forward when in college. You’ll get the most out of it that way. Even for me, this experience has gotten easier. We all have obstacles in life, but UW-Superior is so helpful. With the support of this campus, you can accomplish anything. Trust me,” finished Doug. 
The Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC) is a place where nontraditional students and veteran students can get connected and make the most of their educational journey. If you have questions about becoming a nontraditional like Doug, you can find more information with the VNSC or campus Admissions.