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Winners of the Math Meet 2005

Winners of the Math Meet 2005

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Winners of the Math Meet 2005

(April 13, 2005)

The thirty first annual Math Field Day was held at the University of Wisconsin-Superior on April 13, 2005. Ten teams from high schools in Wisconsin attended. The schools included Ashland, Bruce, Drummond, Frederic, Grantsburg, Hayward, Rice Lake, Superior, Unity, and Webster.

The competition began with a Team Event, in which the eight-member teams collaborate in solving ten problems within 20 minutes. Schools with 500 or more students compete in the large-school class; the other schools form the small-school class. Runner-up in the small school class was Frederic, with a score of 53. The winner in the small school class was Grantsburg, with a score of 61. In the large school class, the runner-up was Ashland, scoring 53, and the winner was Hayward, scoring 59.


The winner in the small school class was Grantsburg with score of 61.


Runner-up in the small school class was Frederic, with a score of 53.


The winner in the large school class was Hayward, scoring 59.


The runner-up in the large school class was Ashland, with a score of 53.

The individual events consist of 15 problems to solve within a time limit of 15 minutes. The top finishers in each event received a Math Meet T- shirt; the winners of each event will also receive a $100 U.S. Savings Bond. (No student may receive more than one bond or more than one T- shirt.) The top finishers in each event and their scores are:

Event II - Plane Geometry:

1st Place:
Kristi Freitag, Rice Lake
Top Finishers:
Pitcha Chompoopong, Ashland
Shadow Lysdahl, Frederic
Molly Schaffer, Rice Lake
Travis Glasner, Rice Lake

Event III - Algebra II and Analytical Geometry:

1st Place:
Levi Harrington, Hayward
Kyle Williamson, Hayward
Top Finishers:
Sam Stackhouse, Frederic
Karle Wisdom, Hayward
Linsey Dixon, Hayward
Jenny Narveson, Hayward
Patti Shonk, Hayward
Steven Sill, Drummond

Event IV - Trigonometry and Elementary Functions:

1st Place:
Kelly McKane, Superior
Top Finishers:
Ann Literski, Superior

Event V - Probability and Statistics

1st Place:
Mitch Tromberg, Grantsburg
Top Finishers:
Nick Ryan, Grantsburg
Josh Tober, Grantsburg
Aaron Sampson, Rice Lake
Travis Pyke, Frederic

Quick Response/Calculator Event:

The quick-response verbal event just prior to lunch then provided a nice change of pace from the sit-down events. Dr. Chad Scott from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science coordinated a series of toss-up and bonus questions. The students who won candy bars for correct answers were:

Drummond: Sarah Wood
Grantsburg: Whitney Johnson
Mitch Tromberg
Jonathon Wick
Rice Lake:
Kristi Freitag
Dan Healy
Aaron Sampson
Molly Schaffer
Webster: David Morill

The Math Meet T-shirt for this year showed a simulation of a collision between two black holes.

The day's activities concluded with an outstanding pizza buffet in the Rothwell Student Center, followed by the announcement of awards.

Ashland Team
Frederic Team
Grantsburg Team
Hayward Team

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