2013 Math Meet

UWS Math Meet
April 24, 2013

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the 2013 UWS Math Meet. It was great to see old friends and new faces today. We hope you had a fun time!

Event I: Team Event
Event II: Geometry
Event III: Calculus
Event IV: Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Event V: Trigonometry and Elementary Functions
Event VI: Probability and Statistics
Extra: Quick Response Event (All Topics)

Trophy Winners: Team Event

Rice Lake 
Rice Lake - Large School Winner

Ladysmith - Small School Winner

Hayward - Large School Runner Up

Grantsburg Team
Grantsburg - Small School Runner Up 

T-Shirt Winners: Geometry

David DeBoer and Ben Erickson
David DeBoer (L) and Ben Erickson (R, Overall Winner)
Lakeview Christian Academy

Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson - Ashland

T-Shirt Winners: Calculus

Tasha Meyer
Tasha Meyer - Osceola (Overall Winner)

Isaac Franson
Isaac Franson - Hayward

Yuqun Tang
Yuqun Tang - Ladysmith

Haley Strouf
Haley Strouf - Rice Lake

Cody Schimming
Cody Schimming - Superior

Max Dahl (Superior) also placed in Calculus but received a shirt in Algebra and Analytical Geometry.

T-Shirt Winners: Algebra and Analytical Geometry

Ben Bandli
Ben Bandli - Rice Lake (Overall Winner)

Alex Larson
Alex Larson - Hayward

Teague Tomesh
Teague Tomesh - Rice Lake

Max Dahl
Max Dahl - Superior

Ben Erickson (Lakeview Christian Academy) and Tasha Meyer (Osceola) also placed in Algebra and Analytical Geometry.  Ben received a shirt in Geometry; Tasha received a shirt in Calculus.

T-Shirt Winners: Trigonometry and Elementary Functions

Carmella DeSerto
Carmella DeSerto - Rice Lake (Overall Winner)

Zach Reiswig
Zach Reiswig - Superior

Seth Markgren
Seth Markgren - Rice Lake

Tim Pinkerton
Tim Pinkerton - Rice Lake

Ben Bandli (Rice Lake) also placed in Trigonometry and Elementary Functions but received a shirt in Algebra and Analytic Geometry.

T-Shirt Winners: Probability and Statistics

Connor Myers
Connor Myers - Grantsburg (Overall Winner)

Jake Radtke
Jake Radtke - Grantsburg

Elliot Segal
Elliot Segal - Rice Lake

Candy Bar Winners: Quick Response Event

  • Laurel Wright (Osceola)
  • Max Dahl (Superior)
  • Ben Bandli (Rice Lake)
  • Andrew Einspanier (Drummond)
  • Lindsey Sommer (Superior)
  • Joshua Dowell (Cloquet)
  • Alex Wilson (Ashland)
  • Tasha Meyer (Osceola)
  • Zach Reiswig (Superior)
  • Chandler Oja (Superior)

Thanks for participating, everyone!  See you next year!