Zach Reiswig

I enjoy the education I receive from my professors and also being able to personally meet and discuss material with them.


Everyone from parents, relatives and high school guidance counselors will tell you to make sure to get the most out of your college experience. For Zach Reiswig, this has never been an issue.

Zach, an honor student and an Air Force ROTC cadet with two majors in Math and Computer Science, is definitely making the most of his time at UW-Superior. He's served as the president of the math and science club, captain of the tennis club, a member of the rifle team and has also been involved with the Japanese club and the game and development club.

"Active participation in the extracurricular activities supplement the experience as I am able to meet many of my fellow students outside of my own major and minor," Zach says.


Although Zach fills his day with not only a heavy course load and plenty of extracurricular activities, he's still on track to graduate and receive his commission as an Air Force Officer in 2017.

"The education you can receive here is affordable and personable," said Zach. "Although I maintain a rigorous and rather hectic schedule, it works well being at this university."