Music Department Mission and Purposes

The UW-Superior Music Department prepares undergraduate students for success in music as performing artists and educators by providing a challenging, nurturing environment focused on individual and collaborative artistic growth, while also providing opportunities for musical enrichment to the university and community within a liberal arts tradition. Additionally, the UW-Superior institutional values defined in the Mission Statement and which highlight “individual attention and respect for diverse cultures and multiple voices” are emphasized as guiding principles in the Music Department's philosophy and mission.

The purposes of the Music Department include:

  1. To provide an infrastructure to ensure that students have up-to-date resources and global opportunities in their classes and ensembles.
  2. To emphasize recruitment and retention of music students.
  3. To offer quality degree programs in music education (the Bachelor of Music Education) in order to train those students who wish to prepare themselves for careers teaching public school music.
  4. To offer a quality degree program in music performance (the Bachelor of Music in Performance) for those students who demonstrate exceptional musical talent and wish to concentrate on performance.
  5. To offer a quality liberal arts degree (the Bachelor of Arts in Music) for those students who wish to combine the study of music with a major or minor in another field.
  6. To serve the curricular needs of elementary education majors who have required courses in music fundamentals and music methods for the classroom teacher.
  7. To stimulate interest and support of the arts and an understanding of diverse cultures to members of the general student population by offering music courses geared to the needs of the general student. This includes supporting the university's University Studies program, by offering music courses consistent with the objectives and curricular requirements of this program, enabling students to meet these curricular requirements.
  8. To offer quality ensemble experiences for music and general population students, including an emphasis on international experiences/tours.
  9. To contribute to the cultural enrichment of this region through various outreach activities and public performances:
    • By actively engaging in scholarly research/performances.
    • By serving the needs of all students (on-campus and off-campus) by offering courses through the Online Learning program.
    • By engaging in cooperative ventures with other regional institutions.