Yuma Yamaguchi

Being surrounded by live music and different instrument players helped my learning as a composer."

What are you doing now? Composer/Music Producer

To say that Yuma Yamaguchi is enjoying his career would be a bit of an understatement. Since graduating from UW-Superior in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in music composition, Yuma has traveled the world following his passion for music.

Having an undestanding of how a variety of sounds can come together to form the perfect harmony is something he credits UW-Superior for helping him discover.

“For music composition, of course my professor taught me technical and theoretical things, but he made me think that I should write music for myself, not for him or the lesson,” said Yuma. “I was even showing him my private music, which is less academic and directly related to my current job. He was respectful for those works, and this helped me to put myself into the situation of concentrating on and facing to my own music. [What] he taught me, including the technical and theoretical stuff, helped me to start my job and still helps me now.”

That learning helped prepare Yuma for his current career, which has invoved collaborating with a variety of musicians for projects that range from TV to movies.

“These days, it's almost required to be able to program pieces by a computer to sound like real instruments especially in the field of commercials and soundtracks which I mainly do,” said Yuma. “Sometimes, I record real instruments. However, there are jobs I have to finish the products all by myself. At the root of my writing comes from live music and the experiences of collaborative works with real musicians, which help to make the sound real.”

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