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What to expect as a new student

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What to expect as a new student

Are you ready to begin a college degree in music?  Although most incoming freshman music majors have already studied privately on their instrument or voice, it is not a requirement of acceptance to the UWS music department.  However, no matter how prepared you may be, life as a freshman music major can be both exciting and challenging.  To give you an idea of what it is like, UWS upper class music students recently answered questions regarding their experience as music majors at UWS. 


In general, what do you like most about being a music major at UWS?

-I enjoy the diversity in music throughout the different ensembles at the UWS campus.
-The personal one-on-one time with the professors in classroom and lesson settings
-The people, the abilities of the faculty in teaching and in performance of music
-The teacher/student ratio here is invaluably nurturing for undergraduate students.  We are NOT numbers.
-The amazing amount of talent that surrounds me, and the faculty that are so warm and welcoming.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen music majors about time management?

-Schedule everything.  Go to class.  Practice, practice, practice.
-Be sure to designate specific time in your schedule for practice.
-If you have 30 minutes, go to the practice room.  More importantly, stay on track with your classes…if you are having problems, talk to the faculty.

How do you schedule your practice time?

-I put it into my schedule every day.
-Practice in increments, one hour at a time, a few times a day.
-I pretend that practicing is a class and try to schedule at least two hours a day.

How do you schedule study time for your academic music classes?

-I study in my open time slots and in the evenings in a quiet space where I cannot be disturbed, in order that I can fully delve into my studies.
-I usually do my homework after I'm done practicing.
-I study content every night.
-I set aside time at home depending on how much I need to study.

Describe a memorable performance experience as a UWS student.

-Performing for schools in Brazil.
-The final concert in China.
-The China tour.  Every part about it was growth and experience that I'll take with me forever.
-Most percussion ensemble performances have been really memorable.
-The 2008 Symphonic Band concert with all Colombian music.
-My first recital class performance.

What musical activities do you do that are not related to you degree program?

-Rock band
-Music teaching
-Worship band
-I perform with seven bands in the Twin Ports area.
-My job is a Sunday organist.
-Sing at weddings
-Direct a small choir
-Compose music

Name some extracurricular activities you are involved in.

-Student government
-Boy scouts
-Martial arts
-Pep band
-Rock climbing club
-Christian Campus Outreach
-Intramural volleyball

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