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Biology Internships


LSRI students 036 webInternships provide exciting opportunities to explore career possibilities, while gaining hands on experiences in the real-world application of biology. For students interested in graduate/professional programs, internships enhance your competitiveness and marketability while allowing you to build your network by meeting professionals in the specific field that match your career goals. More and more graduate programs are looking beyond GRE scores and GPAs to see if you have completed any experiential learning to enhance your education. If you plan on entering today's competitive job market directly after earning your undergraduate degree, internships are a key factor in setting you apart as a job candidate.  Last, but not least, internships allow you to try out a career before deciding if it is the right path for you.

How to...

k_murchy_internshipTo locate internship opportunities students can consult with biology faculty, search for internships using the internet or use the resources found on this site. Before students begin to search for an internship they should meet with their academic advisor to discuss internship and Senior Year Experience requirements. Most internships will require an application which may involve letters of recommendation and potentially an interview. Once a student has been accepted into an internship program they must meet with their academic advisor to receive final approval and complete the appropriate paperwork. All internships require the approval of the academic advisor, the department chairperson and an on-site supervisor.


Students participating in internships must
      <- read the Department of Natural Science's Policies for Internships

      <- complete a Department of Natural Sciences Contract for Independent Learning

      <- complete an internship organization Affiliation Form

      <- register for 1-4 credits of Biol496

      <- complete at least 45 hours of internship activities per internship credit

After completing their internship, students must complete the

      <- Internship Evaluation Rating Form

      <- Internship Exit Questionnaire

All students using their internship to fulfill the required Senior Year Experience must present their internship experience at the Department of Natural Science Symposium prior to graduation.

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