Chemistry and Physics Programs

More about Chemistry

Our students have an interest in chemistry and a variety of career goals (including chemistry-professional option and secondary education), as well as pre-meds/pre-professionals.

Chemistry majors can receive the Swenson scholarship, which includes full tuition, fees and books for up to all 4 years needed to earn your degree. To get and maintain this scholarship, a GPA of at least 3.0 is required.

Some of our graduates and the places that they have gone...


Damodar Koirala - Purdue University - Department of Chemistry Graduate School


Luke Hafdahl (left) University of Minnesota Medical School - Currently Chief Resident at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Jeremy Niskala (right) University of North Carolina - Department of Chemistry Graduate Program - Currently Post-doc at University of California - Berkeley


Jennifer Maki - Iowa State University - Currently Assoc. Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry - College of Saint Scholastica


Matt Johnston (left) - AP Chemistry teacher at Shakopee HS, MN