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UW-Superior offers a Pre-Medicine focus within the Department of Natural Sciences at UW-Superior, which prepares students for careers in health care such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine. Students in the health professions are a diverse group with varied backgrounds and interests; however all schools with professional programs seek similar characteristics in their applicants. 

Whereas professional schools do not require a specific major or minor, students in the health professions are strong students academically with a demonstrated ability in science and math. UW-Superior can lay the groundwork for pre-med students to succeed with exceptional faculty knowledge of these subjects. Furthermore, health professional students are self motivated, responsible, and enthusiastic leaders with a commitment to helping others.

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Acceptance into a professional school depends on a number of qualifications including academic performance, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, work or volunteer experience, and extracurricular activities. The Department of Natural Sciences at UW-Superior provides academic and extracurricular opportunities for students to fulfill the requirements of professional schools and lay the groundwork for success in any number of rewarding careers in the health professions.


UW-Superior has a long history of excellence in the sciences. Students interested in health professional careers should plan on taking courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. First-years and sophomores who intend to apply to health professional school should work with their academic advisors to set forth a course of appropriate studies.

Work or Volunteer Experience

The faculty members of the Department of Natural Sciences have diverse research interests. These faculty members provide students with the opportunity to work side by side with them as research assistants on projects. Additional work opportunities include working within the Department of Natural Sciences as student assistants or tutors. Such experiences not only enhance a student's understanding of science, but provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate and practice their maturity, responsibility, trustworthiness, intellectual curiosity, and capability of leadership.

Letters of Recommendation

The small class sizes and research opportunities at UW-Superior ensure that students and faculty develop and maintain strong relationships throughout a student's academic career and beyond. Because of this close relationship, faculty members are well positioned to write letters of recommendation that specifically address a student's ability and aptitude for success.

Extracurricular Activities

The Department of Natural Sciences at UW-Superior provides students with an assortment of activities outside the classroom with which they can become involved. Student organizations associated with the Department include the American Chemical Society, the Pre-Med/Pre-Professionals Club, and the Students of Science. These student organizations provide volunteer opportunities, organize educational events for the community, sponsor educational trips, and much much more!

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We recognize the need for financial support throughout a students' academic career. The University of Wisconsin-Superior Foundation offers a wide range of scholarships to students, including 4-year Swenson scholarships which cover tuition, fees, and books.

What you can do after studying Pre-Medicine Program?

The Department of Natural Sciences at the UW-Superior has had many students successfully complete a wide array of programs in professional schools across the United States. Alumni of UW-Superior are practicing physicians, nurses, physician's assistants, dentists, pharmacists, and veterinarians. The quality of our program is reflected by the success of our graduates.

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