Natural Sciences Department

Natural Sciences Department

A multidisciplinary group with programs in biology, chemistry, physics, geology and geography, our curriculum focuses on using scientific inquiry as a way of knowing and applying scientific knowledge to societal issues of local, regional, and global importance. Our faculty has diverse teaching and research experiences that afford students research opportunities in the field and laboratory.

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Aug 3, 2016
7:30 AM
  • Lane Baguss

    This place allows for such personal growth. I got to study what I wanted, and it turned me around as a person." Read More
    Lane Baguss
  • Zach Bauer

    This is a great, close-knit environment. Everybody is very welcoming. Read More
    Zach Bauer
  • Sylvester Coker-Gibbs

    It's a small town, and I appreciate the change from London. I use the bus to go shopping or just get around. Read More
    Sylvester Coker-Gibbs