Michael Gray

I appreciate all of the help I’ve gotten. If you put in the work, the instructors are always there for you.

Taking three years off after graduating high school to work and do what he wanted had left Michael Gray excited to come back to school and learn. 

“I just really enjoy coming to campus and taking classes,” said Michael. “My brother goes here, and I have friends that go here. UW-Superior seemed like a great place to be.” 
Michael’s newfound appreciation for education and desire to experience more sparked a major interest in becoming an engineer. It was a happy coincidence for Michael that UW-Superior had exactly what he was looking for. 
“I wanted to take my generals to start with and get everything I needed to transfer to another school to complete my degree in engineering,” he said. “Talking to Peter Cook, the Pre-Engineering program was the perfect fit.” 
Arriving at a liberal arts college, Michael also realized he had the opportunity to enjoy his interests. He took full advantage to explore the different programs on-campus. 
“All of my classes are fascinating, and UW-Superior is opening my eyes to studying new things,” Michael said. “First Nation Studies helped me learn a lot about myself and Music Appreciation exposed me to so many different music genres.” 
Even though he appreciates what other programs have to offer, Michael knows he is also getting a quality education through the Pre-Engineering program to prepare him for completing his engineering degree at another institution. 
“Everything in the Pre-Engineering program is so important, from the writing to the mathematics, and the classes aren’t ‘just a general I had to take,’” said Michael. “I’m taking advantage of everything and using the support on campus to help myself do even better.” 
Michael takes advantage of the Math Lab and Writing Lab available to students on-campus and would even like to become a math tutor. 
“I appreciate all of the help I’ve gotten. If you put in the work, the instructors are always there for you,” he said. “I want to pass on this support to others because I like teaching others about math.” 
Michael looks forward to moving somewhere new and getting even more life experience after completing his Associate of Science degree at UW-Superior. He’s thinking about UW-Milwaukee, UW-Platteville and maybe even further destinations. 
UW-Superior’s Pre-Engineering program and Associate of Science can give you the kick start you need to begin your journey to becoming an engineer. Contact Admissions to learn more about the program.