Business Administration

Program Features

The Business Administration program provides students with a perspective on business management and its environment.  Students are challenged to develop creative and innovative solutions to contemporary business problems, develop leadership skills and are exposed to administrative tasks involved in today's organizations. 

  • Tailor your major to meet the needs of your chosen profession
  • Program exposes students to the emerging trends in business
  • Offers collaborative learning through internships as well as student-led business organizations
  • True business world experience that gives you an edge


A Business related degree offers countless career options. Competition for jobs and job growth will vary from field to field, but versatile, well-educated business people will always be in demand.

The following are examples of career options for business administration majors:

  • Industrial or retail manager
  • Advertising account executive
  • Marketing executive
  • Financial analyst
  • Production manager
  • Personnel director
  • Human resource specialist
  • Program director
  • Business owner