Finance Careers

As an economics major, you would have a number of employment opportunities in the field of finance. You might become an investment banker, a commercial banker, a corporate financial manager, a stockbroker, a trader, or a financial securities analyst.

Investment bankers help corporations finance business transactions. They also raise venture capital, and manage investment trust funds. Corporate financial managers work with budgeting, investment financing, international finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Usually an undergraduate degree in finance, business, or economics is required. Stockbrokers provide financial counseling to help clients build portfolios of securities that best match their risk-return profiles. Traders work on the floor of the stock exchanges where they buy and sell financial securities for their brokerage firms. Security analysts work for brokerage firms and other investment organizations. Their job is to use various types of market, financial, and economic forecasts to evaluate financial securities. The tools you will learn as an economics major will help prepare you for each of these rewarding and lucrative career fields.