Public Administration Careers

The tools of economics apply to nonprofit organizations and government agencies, as well as to profit-maximizing firms. Careers in public administration involve producing public policy rather than profit. Jobs in this field include administrative managers, legislators, and chief executives. Administrative managers direct operations of various government agencies. They manage secretarial services, oversee data processing, direct materials, scheduling and distribution, and manage personnel.

Upper level public administrators set goals and make plans for various agencies. Legislative jobs include holding public office as a U.S. senator or representative, a state senator or representative, or a member of a city council. Examples of chief executives include the president and vice president, state governors, county commissioners, and city mayors.

These positions often require a master's degree in public administration (M.P.A.). Regardless of which one of the many career paths you choose in public administration, an undergraduate major in economics will provide you with analytical skills that are absolutely essential for producing quality public policy.