Economics Program at UW-SuperiorEconomics studies issues such as economic growth, unemployment, inflation, pollution and poverty. It also deals with aspects of everyday life, including your job, the cost of living, taxes and even voting.

Economists are concerned with decision-making processes, particularly those involving economic policy-making. Majoring in economics prepares you for almost any professional career. It is also excellent preparation for law school or for graduate studies in economics, finance, or related business fields.

Students majoring in economics work closely with faculty members. Upper-level classes typically have only eight to fifteen students.

Many students also hold internships in the community. Students have been placed with local banks, in the mayor's office, in the city development office and at a recycling center.

Economics majors may complete either a bachelor of science degree or a bachelor of arts degree. The bachelor of arts program requires 14 credits in a foreign language. Students also must complete either a minor or a second major.  Many choose a second major in a related business field such as accounting or business administration