SBE Internships

SBE Internship Value Added

For the Student

  • Learn general business skills
  • Experience Leadership examples
  • Experience Teamwork opportunities
  • Experience real world ideas and practices
The University has real time feedback on quality of educational process and gains new ideas from interns' input in classes.

For the Company

  • Hire enthusiastic employees
  • Provide leadership and mentoring
  • Completion of special project completion
  • Import new ideas and practices
  • Gain new recruiting opportunities
  • Be provided an opportunity to free up managers from routine tasks during peak work load periods

Companies want:

  • self starters and problem solvers
  • team players
  • employees to add value to the company
  • professional behavior (work habits, manners, ethics, continuous learner)
  • effective communication through listening, writing, presenting and dialog
  • the application of classroom theory in a work environment
  • employees who are inquisitive and ask questions
  • you to enjoy yourself as you learn and be part of the company

SBE Internship Prerequisites

  • Must be admitted into SBE (with the consent of Instructor and Chair)

Additional information for TLM majors:

  • Successful completion of either TRSP 300 - Supply Chain Management or ECON 333 - Transportation Economics is required.

Internship Time Frame

  • Internships are commonly completed during:
    • the summer between Junior and Senior year
    • a semester
    • the summer after completing all course work (walking the stage in May, and then receiving the diploma in August after the internship has been completed)
  • Internships typically last 8 - 12 weeks
  • SBE majors, with the exception of TLM, require a minimum of 45 hours per credit
  • Students, in cooperation with a company, may elect to extend the internship with the company but it will no longer be for credit. UW-Superior is no longer part of the internship process when credit is not being earned.

Additional information for TLM majors:

  • A minimum six-week long internship is required of all TLM Majors. A typical work week is 20-40 hours.
  • A TLM student is awarded 2 credits for their first six weeks and then 1 credit for each week of internship service thereafter.
    2 credits = 6 weeks
    3 credits = 7 weeks
    4 credits = 8 weeks
    5 credits = 9 weeks
    6 credits = 10 weeks
    7 credits = 11 weeks

Academic Assignments

Additional information for TLM majors:

  • Company Evaluation (not used for grading)
  • Public Presentation
    • 8-10 minutes with a PowerPoint and Q&A

Compensation and Internship Program

Student Compensation during Internship

  • $10 per hour and up
  • Housing - check local universities
  • IANA Intermodal Scholarships
  • Not for profit - Career Services grant

Typical Internship Program

  • Loading docks
  • Projects
  • Studies - data entry
  • Leading a team

How to Find and Apply for an Internship

  • Contact UW-Superior's Career Services for locations
  • Have an up-to-date resume (Career Services can help)
  • Get business cards
  • Consider an internship with the company that you are working with currently (Internship package from Kathryn Pettingill)
  • Network at professional meetings
  • Go online and look for internships. Note: internships can close out by November 1st!

Application Process:

  1. View the Internship Application Package
  2. Fill out the form in sequence and take your completed form to the SBE office. You will be notified when you are approved to register for credits
  3. Register for credits
  4. Confirm you are registered for credits before starting the internship

Additional information for TLM majors:

When Your Internship is Complete