Job Description:     

Works with client organizations to enhance logistics performance through strategic planning, process re-engineering, and/or information technology implementation. Develops and manages a wide range of projects including: supply chain optimization, software development, strategic sourcing, and logistics network design, among others. Helps clients develop the logistical tools, processes, and knowledge base needed to create customer value, build competitive advantage, and boost profitability.

Related Positions:

Analysts, Project Managers, Logistics Engineers

Key Duties:

  • Identify client's problems, opportunities, and risks
  • Gather and analyze relevant data
  • Conduct client interviews and facility visits
  • Develop and evaluate alternative strategies
  • Develop reports and present findings to client
  • Work with client to implement solutions

Required skills:

Critical reasoning skills; ability to work well in team settings; attention to detail; project management skills; exceptional writing and presentation skills; ability to think outside the box; comfortable with deadlines; ability to manage people; financial and statistical analysis proficiency; inquisitive; persuasive; well organized; flexible.


Salaries vary widely depending on the firm, your qualifications, and your performance. Entry-level salaries of $35,000 to $50,000 are common (undergraduate degree with some experience). Consultants earn from $50,000 to $75,000 plus bonuses. Senior consultants and project managers earn $75,000 and above plus bonuses.

Career Path: 

Individuals typically join consulting firms as analysts or associate consultants. Success as a Consultant leads to the following types of positions - Senior Consultant, Project Manager, Principal, and Partner/Vice President.


"To be an effective in my position, I have to stay abreast of what's going on in the field. That means attending workshops, participating in professional organizations, and constantly reading logistics publications and journals - on top of my normal responsibilities. I do far more reading today than I ever did in college."

"Consulting is a stimulating and exciting career, but it's not for everyone. You're constantly faced with new challenges, long hours, and a great deal of travel. You've got to be adaptable and be willing to give up some lifestyle stability to succeed."