Customer Service Manager

Job Description:   

Plans and directs activities of customer service team to meet the needs of customers and support company operations. Develops procedures, establishes standards, and administers activities to assure accurate order entry, efficient shipment tracking, and timely delivery of product to customers. Also responsible for effective response to customer requests, problems, and special requirements. Works closely with marketing and sales, logistics, and transportation departments to reduce order cycle times and improve fill rates while controlling the cost of serving customers.

Related Positions:

Customer Order Manager, Post-sales Service Manager, Distribution Coordinator

Key Duties:

  • Direct and control receipt of orders and their release to warehouse

  • Establish and monitor customer service performance standards

  • Develop and maintain order management plans for key customers

  • Manage promotional campaigns; return goods, and service programs

  • Develop processes to identify customer problems and resolve them quickly

Required Skills:

Excellent interpersonal skills - persuasive, empathetic, able to handle conflict and

Pressure; product knowledge; problem solving skills; creative; sense of urgency; attention to detail; strong communication skills; ability to manage people.


Customer Order Manager           Range: $38,100 - $57,900         Midpoint: $48,200 Customer service managers with broader responsibilities and greater experience command higher salaries on average.

Career Path:

Most customer service managers have experience in sales, logistics operations, and/or

Customer service supervision. Successful customer service managers advance to the following positions: distribution center manager, customer service director, or sales manager.


"I oversee a staff of 65 employees who act as a conduit between customers and our distribution operations. We support the movement of all freight between facilities."

"It's my department's job to initiate the perfect order. If we don't provide a 100 percent fill rate on the first shipment, accurate pricing and billing, damage-free, timely delivery, and proper carton labeling, then we haven't served the customer effectively."

"We serve as a central contact for our customers and provide a wide range of services - timely order processing, resolving stock shortages, reconciling invoices, etc."